1. chronology; duration.
2. point, juncture, moment, instant, hour, day; period, spell, span, stretch, while, tide, term, tenure; interval, interim, intermission, interregnum, interruption, interlude, pause, break, hiatus; turn, shift, watch; tour, tour of duy, enlistment, Inf. hitch.
3.Often times
era, epoch, age, date, season.
4. ease, leisure, leisure time, convenience; freedom, free time, spare time, odd moments.
5. chance, opportunity, opening, occasion; good chance, fair field, good time, high time, golden opportunity.
6. tempo, beat, rhythm; measure, meter.
7. ahead of time
early, Inf. bright and early, Scot. timeous; beforetime, beforehand; in good time, with-time to spare.
8. at one time
a. once, once upon a time, time was; back when, in the past; previously, formerly, hitherto, heretofore.b. at once, at the same time, simultaneously, concurrently, at one and the same time, together, all together.
9. at the same time
nonetheless, nevertheless, be that as it may, however that may be, however, still, yet, but, even so, just the same, all the same.
10. at times
occasionally, from time to time. See time(def. 13).
11. behind the times
old-fashioned, out of fashion, out of style, out, Sl. out of it, out of date, dated, obsolete, passe"; of the old school.
12. for the time being
for now, for the present; temporarily, Latin, pro tempore. pro tern; meanwhile, meantime, in the meantime, till then.
13. from time to time
occasionally, on occasion, at times, at intervals, now and then, once in a while, sometimes, Inf. every so often.
14. in good time
a. on time. See time(def. 20a).b. ahead of time. See time(def. 7).
15. in no time
in short order, in a second, in an instant, in a trice, in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, Inf. in a jiffy, Inf. in two shakes or half a shake of a lamb's tail, Inf. before you can say "Jack Robinson," Inf. in nothing flat; quickly, speedily, swiftly, forthwith, summarily, with dispatch, expeditiously, apace, Sl. PDQ.
16. in time
a. in good time, early enough, soon enough, with time to spare; just in time, not a minute too soon, just under the wire, in the nick of time, Facetious. in the nickel of dime, Fr. a point.b. in the future, in due time, by and by, Inf. in the sweet by-and-by, someday, sometime, one of these days, one fine day or morning; sooner or later, eventually, ultimately, in the long run, when all is said and done.
17. kill time
consume or pass or spend time; beguile the time, while away the time, amuse oneself; waste time, fool or fritter or idle away time.
18. make time
a. cover ground, make strides or rapid strides, make headway.b.Slang. woo, court, pay court to, pay suit to, address, Inf. spark, Inf. court and spark, Sl. hustle, Sl. put a move on, Sl. put or slap the make on.
19. many a time
frequently, often, oftentimes, as often as not, often enough, most often, many times; habitually, regularly, routinely, commonly.
20. on time
a. punctually, precisely, sharp, exact, in good time, to the minute, Inf. on the dot.b. on credit, on account, on trust, Chiefly Brit. Inf. on tick, Inf. on the cuff; on the installment plan, in installments, Brit. on hire-purchase, Brit. Sl. on h.p., Brit. Sl. on the never-never; on terms, on easy terms.
21. pass the time of day
converse, talk, speak, chat, chitchat, confabulate, Inf. confab, coze, Brit. Dial. tell, Sl. rap, Sl. chin, Sl. chew the fat or rag, Sl. shoot the breeze or bull, Sl. bull.
22. take one’s time
dawdle, dally, dillydally, shillyshally, linger, loiter, delay, tarry, drag one's feet, Inf. lallygag, Inf. take one's own sweet time, Sl. goof off or around.
23. take time by the forelock
seize the day, Latin, carpe diem. take the bull by the horns, make one's move, make hay while the sun shines, Inf. make hay, strike while the iron is hot; make the most of the situation, take advantage of the situation, turn [s.t.] to account, cash in on [s.t.] capitalize on [s.t.] exploit.
24. time after time
again and again, time and again, time and time again, over and over, over and over again, many times over, repeatedly, recurrently.
25. time and time again
over and over. See time(def. 24).
26. time of one’s life
Informal. good time, great time, Inf. high time, Inf. good old time, Inf. a whale of a time, Sl. one helluva time; great fun, Sl. ball, Sl. blast.
27. schedule, fix or set a time.
28. record time, Inf. clock.
29. regulate, adjust, set, synchronize, Inf. put in sync.
30. keep time, mark time, measure time, count

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